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Indy Phone Home

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008): 3/5

It’s hard to be a discerning moviegoer amidst the dozen of summer movies at hand,. especially with a movie this big invading theaters. Creators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg bring back the bona fide classic character we all know and love- Indiana Jones!

Opening credits. “I have a bad feeling about this”. A mix of emotions surface. There’s joy, despair, annoyance, and maybe frustration for some people. Wisecracks and whip-cracks, bugs and all sorts of creatures, Russians and guns, a greaser, a snake, and an old flame, area 51, psychic powers, great chase scenes, and impossible feats of physicality. Indy 4 in a nutshell.

Of course expect references to the old Indy episodes galore. But its controversial ending puts its viewers in a time warp, a la ‘Life of Brian’ (see this clip ) which makes us think twice about naming Indy the second most irrelevant summer blockbuster (next to Speed Racer).

It’s saddening knowing that we’ve lost some of Indy’s best adventures to time and something out of this world. However, In spite of everything bad I can say about this film, (as I type this Indy theme song plays in my head), and as much as I wanted to hate it, I’d have to admit that nostalgia still wins me over by a landslide 馃檪


Wild baby, wild

Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild (2007): 3.5/5

From the kaleidoscopic ‘Speed Racer’ seeing Emile ‘Emperors Club’ Hirsch in ‘Into the Wild’ was well, quite a surprise.

In ‘Into the Wild’, Hirsch plays a straight-A college grad-turned-hitchhiking jungle boy who seeks adventure in the Alaskan wilderness to define his existence only to discover that he’s gotten too far into the depths of his journey. Or something like that.

In the world of Hirsch’s character Chris McCandless , aka Alex Supertramp, society is evil (as the dialogue incessantly reiterates) and strange road people and hippies are saints. Penn delivers stunning visuals and Christ-like imagery, but at the end of the day this film seems to want to point out the necessity to undergo traumatic experiences (like eating poisonous berries) to realise who they are and what’s vital in life. Amazing

Saving Private Shuya

This will be an image-loaded post since I can’t find the words to describe how disappointed I was with the Battle Royale sequel (although I’ve already been warned in the past) – eh well this was a classic case of curiosity that killed the cat. I just wish it killed it with more style, less guns and explosions, and more hand to hand combat 馃槮

7 Years Ago..

3 Years later–

Adding 'Requiem' to a movie title doesn't make it better
Sadly, the word “Requiem” in the title doesn’t save this movie

Ridiculous Zombie Movie

There is beauty in ridiculousness such as this. I can’t wait to find / download / buy / watch this movie.

Behold Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies

Pelicula / Pelikula: 7th Spanish Film Festival October 1-12!

Vamos a ver las peliculas!=)

Lo siento, mi espanol es muy mal. jajajajaja

I wanna watch the ones I highlighted in yellow.. to anyone who’s game , vamos! : )

Check out for more details on the fest

7th Spanish Film Festival

October 1-12

Greenbelt 3, Cinema 1


Director: In茅s Par铆s
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 102 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Elena Ayana, Juan Luis Galiardo, Will Kemp, Geraldine Chaplin

Leonor leaves London to marry a rich, widowed duke in Castile, also leaving her lover, William Shakespeare, a promising playwright. In Spain, she meets Miguel de Cervantes, a man of letters who has lost faith in his talent. Shakespeare arrives to prevent the marriage between his beloved and the duke and so Leonor sees the chance to bring together the talents of the two writers to create a unique work.

Director: F茅lix Viscarret
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 108 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: AlbertoSan Juan, Emma Su谩rez, Juli谩n Villagr谩n

Benito learns that his brother Lalo will soon marry. Knowing the bride-to-be, he decides to step in, but finds himselfup against Nines’s daughter, Ainara, with whom he ends up forging a peculiar friendship. When things take a turn for the worst in this peculiar family, Benito decides for the first time in his life to take control.

Director: Rodrigo Cort茅s
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 88 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Leonardo Sbaraglia, Cheta Lera, Miyam Gallego, Fernado Cayo, Myriam de Maetzu

Martin’s life is turned upside down when he wins almost 4 million dollars in prizes from a quiz show. But his life becomes a roller-coaster ride when his girlfriend starts spending the cash value of the prizes at the same rate he is frantically trying to sell them.

Director: F茅lix Viscarret
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 108 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: AlbertoSan Juan, Emma Su谩rez, Juli谩n Villagr谩n

Jes煤s Almagro was a happy man when he won Spain’s National Award for Best Cook 2007. His next challenge was to compete for the World Championship, the Bocuse d’Or. He thought he was up to the challenge, that preparing was just a matter of time and skills. But he was definitively not ready for what lay ahead.

Director: Juan Antonio Bayona
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, Mexico; 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 105 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Bel茅n Rueda, Fernando Cayo, Roger Pr铆ncep, Mabel Rivera, Montserrat Carulla

Laura returns to the orphanage where she spent the best years of her childhood to discover that it has acquired a haunted, unhappy air. She then sets out to learn what happened at the orphanage after she left, plunging headlong into a netherworld where the dead reach out to the living.

Director: Francisco Vargas
Producci贸n 路 Production: Mexico, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 98 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: 脕ngel Tavira, Gerardo Taracena, Dagoberto Gama, Mario Garibaldo, Ferm铆n Mart铆nez

Don Plutarco, his son Genaro and grandson Lucio make a humble living as traveling musicians. They also collect supplies and ammunition for the guerrilla movement that has arisen in response to the tyrannical regime.

Director: Carlos Saura
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, Portugal; 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 90 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Chico Buarque de Hollanda, Caman茅, Carlos do Carmo, Lila Downs, Ces谩ria 脡vora, Toni Garrido

After more than two years research on the Fado, Carlos Saura makes an important change in his approach to musical films. In Fados, the plot and the images work to reflect the origins of this organic port music in a unique, original way.

Director: Nacho G. Velilla
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2008
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 111 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: JavierC谩mara, Lola Due帽as, Fernando Tejero, Benjam铆n Vicu帽a

Maxi thinks his life is perfect. Then, unexpectedly, the children from his sham marriage turn up on his doorstep and a handsome ex-football player from Argentina moves in next door, making him reevaluate his own morals and values.

Director: Juan Carlos Falc贸n
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2006
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 96 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: 脕ngela Molina, Elvira M铆nguez, Antonia San Juan, Vladimir Cruz, Mar铆a Galiana

In a fishing village in the Canary Islands, the hated don Lucio dies and his wife has asks her neighbor Isabel to keep vigil over the body. All the neighbors visit him to settle old scores. Rest in peace, Don Lucio… if you can.

Director: Tom Fern谩ndez
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 95 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Javier C谩mara, Gonzalo de Castro, C茅sar Vea, Jos茅 Luis Alcobendas, Malena Alterio

Cundo returns home after a ten-year absence, on the news of the death of his best friend, Suso. He pretends that everything in his life is hunky-dory, planning to leave the scene as quickly as he had come. But Cundo actually isn’t doing so well and Suso won’t be content with a simple toast to his life.

Director: Roser Aguilar
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2008
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 85 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Mari谩n脕lvarez, Juan Sanz, Llu铆s Homar, Alberto Jim茅nez, Marieta Orozco

When Raquel was a little girl, she couldnot understand why everyone talked constantly about love. When Raquel moves inwith Tomas, she will have to ask herself what she could be willing to do forlove, discovering how beautiful, and at the same how difficult, it is to trulylove someone.

Director: 脕lex de la Iglesia
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, France; 2008
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 107 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: ElijahWood, Jogn Hurt, Leonor Watling, Julie Cox, Burn Gorman

The murdered corpse of an old lady is discovered by two men who meet for the first time, on the site of the first ina series of murders, all announced by the perpetrator by strange symbols. Professor and student join forces to try and crack the code, revealing an elaborate puzzle where nothing is as it seems

Director: Carlos Reygadas
Producci贸n 路 Production: Mexico, France, Netherlands, Germany; 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 127 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Cornelio Wall, Maria Pankratz, Miriam Toews, Peter Wall, Jacobo Klassen, Elizabeth Fehr

Johan, married to Esther, with seven sons from her, has been having a passionate love affair with Marianne for 2 years. He confesses to his friend, Zacaris and to his father, a preacher, who sees it as the devil’s work. Nevertheless, both of them support him, pity him. And envy him.

Director: Iciar Bollain
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 95 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: NajwaNimri, Trist谩n Ulloa, Mar铆a V谩zquez, Diego Mart铆n, Nuria Gonz谩lez

Private detectives In茅s, Eva and Carmen find that they have to cross the thin line between public and private matters, bringing their own issues to light in order to solve more than just their professional cases.

Director: Adri谩 Garc铆a, V铆ctor Maldonado
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain; 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 80 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Imanol Arias, Natalia Rodr铆guez, Carlos Sobera

Tim leaves the orphanage he calls home to find out why the stars have disappeared from the sky. He embarks on an exciting journey where he encounters the denizens of Nocturna, a parallel world that comes to life as we lie asleep, with a mission to find Moka, keeper of the night, to plead him to return the stars to the night sky.

Director: Gracia Querejeta
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain, 2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 116 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Maribel Verd煤, Blanca Portillo, Jes煤s Repartoej贸n, V铆ctor Valdivia, Enrique Vill茅n

Angela is faced with what’s left of the family business, a hall with seven billiard tables: Despite this, the death of her father, and the sudden and mysterious disappearance of her husband, she resolves to get on and rebuild her life and to get the seven tables back on their feet.

Director: Manuel Guti茅rrez Arag贸n
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain;2007
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 95 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: 脫scar Jaenada, Jos茅 Coronado, Vanessa Incontrada, I帽aki Miram贸n

Josu Jon, is injured in a clash with theCivil Guard, losing his memory. He is treated in a prison hospital, where he awaits judgment. The inmates help him remember that he is actually a gudari, and that he will soon return to the struggle if he manages to get out of prison.

Director: Bigas Luna
Producci贸n 路 Production: Spain; 2006
Duraci贸n 路 Duration: 100 minutes
Reparto 路 Cast: Ver贸nica Echegui, Dani Mart铆n, Laya Mart铆, Gorka

Juani leaves her boyfriend to do what she couldn’t have done while she was with him. Sick of having to take it all in, she decides to go on with her life and to find success. She’s going to be an actress and no one can stop her. After all, she’s Juani and Juani is number one.


Nobody Knows (2004)

Nobody Knows (2004)

Nobody Knows (2004): 3.5/5

At its most principal level, Nobody Knows is a movie about four kids who try to survive in Japan after being abandoned by their mother. It tells of the kids’ struggle to live under conditions that started out from not-so-great to the kids turning into dirt-poor destitutes (haha how’s that for redundant). It’s an extremely predictable storyline with an inevitable demise for each of the characters- however, it is in that sole purpose that our participation as the audience ensues. How long you’re willing to sit through all 144 minutes of this depress-fest is what strkes me compelling as far as the movie-watching experience for ‘Nobody Knows’ goes. The film’s sad moments are carefully guided, so as to not show too much, while we still continue to be lured into their struggle- although the emphasizing closeup shots on feet makes us think the director has a sort of fetish, either for children or feet- nobody knows!

American Psycho : The Broadway Musical!

Looks like a pretty sick guy!!

"Looks like I'm a pretty sick guy!"

Imagine my face light up like a giddy weirdo upon reading this awesome piece of news. What a delight it was seeing this headline from, perfect for this hump day Wednesday!

This made my day I tell ya. This is perfect. It’s a combination of two things I like/love – American Psycho and musicals! well not all musicals.

It’s hip to be square!

ok I gotta return some videotapes

Read on!

This just in to Cinematical headquarters: American Psycho, based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis, is being turned into a stage musical! Seriously. We’re not joking. According to a press release, “The Johnson-Roessler Company, The Collective and XYZ Films have partnered to acquire, develop and produce the live stage version.” Most folks remember the 2000 film starring Christian Bale as a wealthy New York investment banking executive whose sick, twisted, murderous alter ego exposes itself in the most delightful and imaginative ways. While Bale had been acting since a very young age, it was his role in American Psycho that catapulted him into the spotlight.

There’s no word on who they’ll get to play Patrick Bateman on the stage (though I’d personally love to see Bale reprise the role for a limited run — heck, we know he can belt a tune or two; just watch Newsies). As far as music goes, it will “revive the nostalgia of the 80’s alongside celebrated hits from the era.” Look for tunes from Talking Heads, Genesis and Huey Lewis and The News to make an appearance.