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Meeting the Enemy (2007)

Meeting the Enemy (2007)

Meeting the Enemy (2007) : 4/5

Meeting the Enemy is based on a novel by Leopold Lahola, which is basically a long long long long essay on the search for the principle of humanism. It’s about a day in the life of a German soldier who is tasked to shoot his prisoner, only to get into a long long long debate and later on, heated discussion on humanity. The commissar wants to know why he didn’t kill him, or why one didn’t kill the other,- the scene with the confrontation between the three (as seen on the photo here) gets tiring but then again, nothing like a good ole lecture!

And then finally, FINALLY we see some action as the prisoner shoots the german solider with his last words that go something like ‘i will continue to live on in my enemy’ and then bang! he’s out in a second but in that single moment we feel that the whole sequence becomes beautiful all of a sudden. It’s lovely, definitely a must-see even tho it’s some pretty heavy shit . Don’t watch if you’re looking for an upper.


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