Battle Royale puns all around

The Condemned (2007)

The Condemned (2007)

The Condemned (2007): 4/5

World Wrestling Entertainment does what it does best in The Condemned- it entertains! I’ve chosen to ignore the past WWE-produced films (mostly due to its lack of a cohesive narrative and, errr, substantial acting), but this one left me surprisingly…. satisfied. It’s like Battle Royale, sans the Japanese students, only this time, with a conscience.

Save for the forced coupling b/w Stone Cold and some random girl, the cheesy love-alternative-rock music at the end, and the pilit waker-upper to television’s moral responsibility, this was actually a pretty ok violence-laden movie!.

I don’t think there’s any real message this movie wants to impart, neither are there any moral lessons we need to realize. That’s what’s so honest about this movie- it’s self-admittedly done out of pure entertainment, just as the show’s producer (in the movie) says.

“But you’re airing a live snuff film!” goes a counter-argument, but I say who cares?! Watch what you want to watch! Take a breather from subtitled flicks and trying-to-be-deep artsy movies.

Pure entertainment, this is! And Vinnie Jones is awesome

(I laugh at myself for raving about this movie so much)


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