Cheers to the Head


Brothers of the Head (2006)

Brothers of the Head (2006): 5/5

Brothers of the Head is the story of conjoined twins Tom and Barry Howe – a freak show turned proto-punk sensation in the 1970’s. Brothers of the Head is directed by Keith Fulton and Louis Pepe.

“It’s extremely Gothic,” goes one of the first lines of this mockumentary. Plucked from obscurity by a music promoter, groomed and geared for a rock and roll act, the twins later become known as The Bang Bang as their freak status becomes elevated but somewhat appropriated to a form of searing, aggressive rock. Throughout the movie you’ll even start to doubt the ‘mock’ part of the mockumentary; no wonder, as the events are somewhat based on real life accounts but writer Brian Aldiss , who also wrote the novel this movie’s based on, focuses on the twin’s negotiations between love, artistic rivalry ,and acceptance.

Watching this movie turned out to be extremely refreshing and upped the extraordinary into something we should actually celebrate. The movie works all throughout,. archival footage paired with great musical performances by the twins. Great lyrics to the songs Two-Way Romeo, Doola Dawla, and My Friend, as well as Barry’s My Friend (you ***t) haha.

It’s a real fun ride and one of the best movies i’ve seen that make the all-phoney seem all too real


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