Hay dos locos

Obra Maestra (2000)

Obra Maestra (2000)

Obra Maestra (2000): 5/5

The best thing about being enrolled at Instituto Cervantes is having the privilege to use their library and borrow dvds to find rare gems such as this movie!

The plot is simple- two demented wannabe filmmakers (one, a wannabe director and the other, a frustrated actor) kidnap a famous actress and force her to act in their crazy no-budget debut film. It becomes a cause and effect sorta story as the kidnapping goes from unplanned to awry, desperate to sick. But it’s the kind of sicko-ness that leans towards endearing, like taking pity on a mentally retarded child who wants to find friendship in the world. I don’t exactly know how I want to feel or if I want to laugh at their pathetic attempts in forcing the film to commence -they even venture into doing body doubles for stunts the actress wouldn’t do like falling down a flight of stairs while handcuffed to a wheelchair – but it’s in all good fun because we want them to do it again and again just for the heck of the slapstick humor.

While the absurdity of the whole gamut is distracting, the filmmakers (of this movie, not the ones of the film within the film) decide to follow up this obra maestra and remind us of the distances between reality and fantasy, expectations and talent. It’s admittedly very touching and – yes i’m going to say it – a true Obra Maestra!


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