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The History Boys (2006)

The History Boys (2006): 5/5 stars

This movie reminds me of Dead Poets Society, Emperor’s Club, and uhm, About a Boy. About a boy- i don’t know why. Maybe it’s the British thing going on. The History Boys is one intelligent movie.

Set in the early 80’s, eight brilliant and talented students at prep school make it to top schools Oxford but with a small problem- “they’re clever but they’re crass!” . So a history teacher is sent in to change their manners and style but to no avail. History is just one thing after another, one student muses. And how true that was! The performances are amazing, everyone was so energetic you’l feel like you’ve attented the stage play itself. It’s impossible not to love these characters with their humor and, especially that Dakin everyone (even the guys) seem to fall for.

It’s vibrant, it’s funny, enjoyable, and you’ll definitely be moved. Watch this for a brief lesson in history.

“Somebody hit that boy!”


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