I Dream of Louis Garrel

The Dreamers (2003)

The Dreamers (2003): 5/5

Bertolucci’s The Dreamers comes off as the ultimate artsy/love/sex/revolution type of movie but truth be told it’s so much more than that. Bursting with symbolism and draped with layers and layers of meaning, The Dreamers is about a young American student studying in Paris in the 60’s as he strikes up a unique friendship with a French brother and sister. It’s set to the background of the student protests but the drama unfolds away from the riots and into the lives of the three characters played by Michael Pitt, Eva Green, and Louis Garrel.

It’s nostalgic and highly picturesque. Bertolucci is amazing for showing us such a side of alienation that we can’t even imagine. I especially love the examination of the cinephile- how its attachment to images keeps them from growth and from the future. It makes sense, it all makes sense!


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