No one’s going anywhere

No One's Ark (2003)

No One's Ark (2003)

No One’s Ark (2003): 3/5

Daisuke and his girlfriend are in debt. 5 million yen. their health drink won’t sell because it tastes like crap and he refuses to work for his dad. They’re doomed for failure (as is the 1st hour of the movie, it seemed to be going nowhere) but the odd twists and turns made it okay to stick around for the next hour. the images turn out bizarre when accompanied with the not-so-normal dialogue. wide shots of fields, outdoor tokyo scenery and country roads fill this movie in, yet so do scenes in little tight spaces like those massage parlors. You can tell this movie is out of order. towards the end,the already weird is blown out of proportion with its surrealistic moments (the head-deflating scene with daisuke when he is discovered with his ex-girlfriend’s sister) and plain idiotic ones. It’s Fun With Dick and Jane at the end, but without the happy ending. Just as no man is an island, similarly, there is no ark designated to anyone. doesn’t make sense? neither does this movie. But that’s life isn’t it?!


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