Take my eyes, por favor!

Te doy mis ojos (2003)

Te doy mis ojos (2003)

Te Doy Mis Ojos (2003): 4/5

There hasn’t been a film about domestic violence that evoked any real empathy from me till I saw Te doy mis ojos. It’s a story about the love of one couple and their attempts to rebuild their relationship, and the struggles of each of them to deal with what comes off as the husband’s ‘illness’, which results in severe domestic abuse (which quite amazingly, we don’t actually see in the film).

Te doy mis ojos or ‘Take My Eyes’ perfectly shows the mental state of the husband, Antonio who sees his wife Pilar as his property- “take my ears, take my neck, take my nose, take my toes, my fingers, etc etc” says Pilar in a tender love scene, one of the most realistic and beautiful ever seen on film; the expression of romantic and positive emotions between the two makes the viewer hope that there’s a chance for permanent reconciliation. But the situation is much more complex than that. Antonio violently explodes in one scene then woos Pilar in the next. She knows that he’s bad for her, even her sister reminds her he’s a bastard, but she keeps going back to him anyway. He attends group therapy and promises to change, she believes him and takes him back, then in a split second of sudden outburst he forcefully pushes her out into the balcony, only wearing a brassiere and then you start to think why couples like this still stay together. Logic becomes irrelevant when Pilar’s caught up in all the drama, it’s fascinating and insane all together. We sympathize for both flawed characters who are victims of each other. Quite a downer for a Sunday evening, really.


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