A reason to not have kids

Joshua (2007)

Joshua (2007)

Joshua (2007): 4/5

This is a small movie about a little boy with extreme psychopathic tendencies. Creepy-evil-kid movies will never the be same after seeing ‘Joshua’ and newcomer Jacob Kogan (Joshua) definitely does give Macaulay Culkin in ‘The Good Son’ a run for his money. ‘Joshua’ tells the story of young Manhattan parents Brad and Abby Cairn and their perfect son Joshua in their perfect Manhattan apartment who until the birth of their second child, their perfect lives start to crumble and take a downward spiral. Clocking in at almost 120 minutes, I normally would have given up and stopped watching this (nearly) unbearably slow thriller but in the end it turns out brilliant. Every character in this movie is just so unlikable, with the exception of Sam Rockwell who plays Joshua’s father in one of his few good roles where he gets to be a normal guy.

Where’s the beef? one might ask. Unlike ‘The Good Son’ where we are witness to every aspect to the dark side of Mac’s character, ‘Joshua’ is a lot more subtle and hides the terrors off-screen, which made it even scarier to imagine what exactly was wrong with him. Brilliant portrayal of a true sociopath (still, no one beats my favorite Patrick Bateman!).


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