Clover-y fields forever

Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfield (2008): 4/5

It certainly isn’t a milestone in contemporary filmmaking, nor is the story all that original. It’s far from perfect (nitpickers like myself will find a lot to well, pick) but the mystery and hype surrounding ‘Cloverfield’ definitely has its charms.

A harmless New Yorker yuppie farewell party goes amuck when a creature emerges without warning and wreaks havoc in the city. Don’t ask me what the monster looks like because honestly, I don’t remember. Just as well actually, because other filmmakers might have been tempted to cut away from the lead actors and allow more monster screentime- but not in Cloverfield.

When watching this movie, just remember: It doesn’t matter if it’s far from realistic (doh), it doesn’t matter if it’s geographically and physically inaccurate, if the shaky camera makes you wanna hurl, if the Statue of Liberty’s head looked so small; it doesn’t matter we didn’t get enough action from spider/lobster parasites- keep in mind it was intended to be a purely enjoyable roller coaster ride (to haters, admit it- you’ve been had!) but with a tasteful vague air of menace.

Oh, and just for the sake of nitpicking, what was with the nice soldier guy who lets them out the back door and totally explains everything to the convenience of the leads and audience — riiight!


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  • La Pelicula: Cloverfield « In 100 Words or Less

    […] Ví la pelicula Cloverfield el viernes pasado. La pelicula se trate de misterio y cincia ficcion, y un poco horror. Era en Nueva York. Hay un hombre se llama Rob. Rob tiene trajabo en Japon, entoces, sus amigos han decedido dar se una fiesta de despedida. Subitamente, algo hace ruido y commocion. Rob y sus amigos salen del apartamento. Ellos ven a mucha gente, y ellos ven un monstruo. […]

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