It drums an absurd beat, this movie does

Ex Drummer (2007)

Ex Drummer (2007)

Ex Drummer (2007): 3/5

This movie is just too weird, even for me .,and I’ve seen a lotta weird ones. But if you loved Trainspotting you will most probably love this little black Belgian comedy ‘Ex-Drummer’. But if you’re not into excessive violence bathed in blood and gore, drug abuse, gay bashers, ‘Ex-Drummer’ definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. The whole film is just so backwards and upside-down literally and figuratively. It’s about three ‘handicapped’ guys in a band without a drummer looking for fame and success. Sounds simple enough but the bloody finale will leave you terrified and yet exhilarated in equal measure.

It’s an absolute hit-or-miss, either you love it or hate it but I for one straddle the fence between the two and think I gravitate towards the former only because of the beautiful imagery and the coolest (and really simple, too) opening credits I’ve seen in a while!


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