Once is more than enough

Once (2007)

Once (2007)

Once (2007): 4/5

‘Once’ is a modern-day musical sort of tale of starving artists who enter a beautiful, blossoming relationship. We are spectators into the lives of these two ordinary people (their characters aren’t even given names) known as the Guy and the Girl. Consider this movie an artsy less-perky, and Irish version of Music and Lyrics – but not exactly. Music is the obvious means of communication between girl and guy, as well as between the film and the audience. In the spirit of indie-ness and in all its low budget glory, camerawork is secondary, movement and composition-wise but who cares? The romance is so carefully crafted by omitting grand romantic gestures and dialogue, lovey-dovey sequences – hell, this is actually one of those rare movies wherein explicit flirting doesn’t lead us into the bedroom. It’s a lovely little movie, this is. Wrapped up my year , yes it did!

PS I’ve been listening to the song ‘Falling Slowly’ from the movie’s soundtrack for months already and it still doesn’t fail to lull me into serious sentimental mode, it’s sickening he he.


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