Watch this movie alone. Seriously

Alone (2007)

Alone (2007)

Alone (2007): 3/5

You’ll know when a film’s twist isn’t a ‘twist’ anymore when you expect to see it coming. But in this case, by not expecting that expected twist made my viewing experience with ‘Alone’ all the more pleasureable. Yes, I don’t get it either. The makers of the 2004 hit ‘Shutter’ bring another ghost film ‘Alone’ which has been garnering considerable excitement among horror fans. It’s a story about a girl, Pim whose vengeful siamese twin, Ploy comes to haunt her. The two were separated after adolescent angst took over, against Ploy’s wishes as she wishes for them to remain together for ever and and ever.

No prizes for those who can guess what happens next as it’s a pretty simple non-narrative driven film. It’s basically a rollercoaster of cheapish thrills and fills the entire movie with shock after shock along with the creepy atmospherics. Visually, the film comes off subtle filled with gray colors that exudes a genuine supernatural aura. It’s all in good nerve-wracking fun, even for the most experienced horror fan but the only thing that irks me about this film is Ploy’s ghost looking like post-exorcism Linda Blair. Ten more points to this film for upping the ghost stereotype!


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