You’re not there, too

I'm Not There (2007)

I'm Not There (2007)

I’m Not There (2007): 4/5

It’s what Palindromes did for playing a single multifaceted character on the pretense of celebrating “music and many lives of Bob Dylan”. Obviously, the movie doesn’t exactly line up with Dylan’s life, but places his songs – some original, some covers- in this film with an all star cast directed by Velvet Goldmine’s Todd Haynes.

I don’t know much about the man but I’m sure Dylanists would attest to the subtle flattery this movie does to him due to the added essential facts and fictitious accounts (hey that sounded like an oxymoron). Similar to Velvet Goldmine, Haynes mixes documentary-like footage only this time it’s folk music instead of glam rock. And just when six characters isn’t enough to portray a single Dylan, we are witnesses to cheesy surrealism that starts to creep in every so often, but rushes out just in time for another storytelling gimmick to take place. New characters continue to appear but are never given enough time to flesh out in this Dylan saga of nothingness where truth is relative and reality almost scarce. The last Dylan- the Cate Blanchett one- clearly dominates the role in full androgynous glory with the stringy hair and perpetual cigarette rested between her fingers. The film’s editing is very clever, and it is all the more visually enticing. I’ve come to appreciate all 130 minutes of it as soon as Haynes ended the film with “It’s like the past, present, and future sitting in the same room together.”


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