August Trash

August Rush (2007)

August Rush (2007)

August Rush (2007): 1/5

I knew I shouldn’t have had high expectations from this Oliver Twist-inspired Freddie Highmore starrer albeit the cutesy charming premise which sustained my interest in seeing this film for a good 10-11 months. (No wait, Jonathan Rhys Meyers was the reason you wanted to see this, ha ha) Now the long wait is finally over, and having already seen ‘August Rush’, I wish I had waited a bit longer- or wish I hadn’t seen it at all.

The pseudo-musical/fantasy/love story is about an orphaned musical prodigy Evan Taylor, a.k.a. August Rush (played by Highmore) and his perpetual quest to find his birth parents, a renown cellist Lyla (played by Keri Russell) and Irish rock star Louie (played by the terribly miscast Jonathan Rhys Meyers). While the story spans 11 years and all across New York and several other states, it’s the “music” that finally “brings them together”. Interesting plot but how very sad it wasn’t effectively exploited. In fact, I could name a hundred scenes in the movie that go past absurdity and into comic relief. ‘August Rush’ becomes even more tormenting to watch because of the genuine mawkishness in its dialogue (Robin Williams: “If you could choose any name in the world, what would it be?” Freddie Highmore: “Found”).

To cut the matter short, ‘August Rush’ is a feather!- it’s nice and clean, it’s lightweight for tickle-me-elmo moments, but at the same time it serves no real purpose and is basically just pretty to look at. The characters have no depth and the movie came to an awkward end without any real closure. But the one lesson we’re made to believe is this: One night stands can lead to happy endings!


2 responses to “August Trash

  • nicole toritto

    ho appena finito di vedere qst film.. sono in lacrime.. nn riesco ad espirmete ciò ke sto povando e soprattutto qll ke stavo provando qnd osservavo il film… è una roba pazzeska..

  • nicole toritto

    ps: consiglio a tutti di osservarlo.. se siete sensibili cm me.. è mlt sicuro ke finirete in lacrime.. mi ha colpito mlt la fine.. nella quale stavo piagendo come una fontana!! xD è FANTASTICO… fantastiko è a dir poco.. è molto di +… un bacione.. nicole

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