Love has no endo

Endo (2007)

Endo (2007)

Endo (2007): 5/5

I wasn’t able to catch this movie during last year’s Cinemalaya film fest so first off, I gotta thank the wonders of good timing that Kit Arines invited me to Endo’s premiere night at Megamall. I haven’t been genuinely touched by any film in the romance genre ever since this movie. (Seriously,haha). But Endo is in a class by itself. Endo (short for end of contract) is an honest-to-goodness drama about temp workers who meet and find love.

It’s a fun movie made with a slight hint of documentary realism, and pretty much a straightforward film which gives identity to everyday faceless people. It’s cheesy with due reason and profound without trying to be. Ina Feleo’s heartbreaking performance as contractual salesperson Tanya complimented Jason Abalos’ Leo (whom BTW has all the makings of a matinee idol with his boyish good looks and visible on screen charm- shrieking fans can attest to that, he he). Of course, kudos to director Jade Castro and writers Michiko Yamamoto and Raymond Lee for this excellent movie. ‘Ang love story ng buhay mo’, indeed.


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