Oh Ewan

Young Adam (2003)

Young Adam (2003)

Young Adam (2003): 4/5

Ewan McGregor’s role as Joe in ‘Young Adam’ may be his best performance yet. Such talent this man possesses. Big, big talent.

‘Young Adam’ is a smallish, oldish, and underrated flick whose title is just as dubious as its story. It’s basically a sexxed up whodunit which receives beautiful, delicate treatment from then-first time director David Mackenzie. There is no character named Adam, neither is it a movie for the youth (ha-ha). But you didn’t need to know that. Mackenzie’s approach to tension makes Adam’s plot compelling and interesting enough to follow. David Byrne’s haunting score and the Lynch-esque storytelling saved ‘Adam’ from what could have been a characteristically senseless and ambiguous film.

Oh and if you haven’t seen The Pillow Book yet, or any other film of the sort, this one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. teehee


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