Rrrrrocket Sss-s-s-cience

Rocket Science (2007)

Rocket Science (2007)

Rocket Science (2007): 2.5/5

‘Rocket Science’ was a painful and tiring movie for me to sit through, mainly because of the old boy-meets-girl storyline and its rare attempts at comic relief. Random kids sucking face at the turn of every season looks like it were done straight out of a Gus Van Sant film; and the narration sticks out like a token Asian character. Funnily enough, there is one.

It’s a gawky teenager flick (very much like Napoleon Dynamite with a mix of Election)- although the word ‘gawky’ is an understatement as our protagonist’s incessant stutter seems to become the focus of this 100 minute drama on high school debate. In a nutshell, this film is something that Noel Baumbach and Gus Van would supply the narrative to, shot by Wes Anderson’s people and directed by the guy who made that spelling bee documentary- wait that guy did direct this movie! Figures.


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