The Blair-zombie project

The Zombie Diaries (2006)

The Zombie Diaries (2006)

The Zombie Diaries (2006): 3.5/5

It’s what the title says it is- a bunch of (video) diaries that chronicle a “virus” (zombie!) outbreak . Although the z-word is never mentioned in the film, the sub genre is really quite obvious while the audience has to accept that whatever happens, the person holding the camcorder will never ever drop it. It’s ‘Cloverfield’ set in London without the monster and ‘The Blair Witch Project’ with zombies. Anyway, there’s nothing really special about the film’s plot (what plot?) but it certainly gets interesting knowing that all 3 diaries start to cross over.

The ending becomes a rather pleasant surprise though; it has little to do with zombies and more to do with people- and that’s all I’ll give away. It’s not the best zombie movie I’ve seen but it’s very effective and consistent. I just wish they’d nix the film scoring as it totally ruined the realism. Realism- honestly, that’s the key word all throughout this film! There’s no storyline or main characters or attempts to cure the virus etc etc.- we simply watch a group of people react to this situation. And the result? Pure entertainment. Mwahaha


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