There is (no) way (for this movie) to be good again

The Kite Runner (2007)

The Kite Runner (2007)

The Kite Runner (2007): 2/5

Every time the trailer for this film shows in theaters, I almost always wish I’d finally break down in tears while watching a movie on the big screen. But I’ve had my qualms towards seeing the film adaptation to the Khaled Hosseini novel ‘The Kite Runner’, with my intuition telling me that this’ll be a hit-or-miss –with the end result leaning towards the latter).

The story was pretty much laid out for the audience to simply sit back and appreciate instead of identify with, unlike the novel’s 1st person storytelling by Amir. From the Disney-like opening credits, to the CGI-laden kite flying sequences, to the endless litany of homilies that make up the dialogue lifted directly from the book (and even repeated more than once!)- ‘The Kite Runner’ was actually everything I expected it to be but wish it hadn’t been. It isn’t close to anything that resembles Iran’s ‘Children of Heaven’ (now that movie’s a must-see) rather, Marc Forster’s ‘Kite Runner’ is Afghanistan for dummies with a beautiful soundtrack (although it was a bit odd that one of the songs were sung in English) and a trailer even more gripping than the actual movie. There still is however, one question that lingers in my mind – can you really cut a kite’s string with another kite?


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