Vamos a ver Volver!

Volver (2006)

Volver (2006)

Volver (2006): 4/5

I’ve dozed off and lost all interest in continuing to watch all the Almodóvar films I’ve ever seen- except this one. I don’t know if my ADHD forgot to kick in during ‘Volver’, or maybe this film’s just really that special. ‘Volver’ is basically a film about returning (hence, the title). It’s about death and relationships; the story revolves around a family of strong-willed women – very All About My Mother, really, if you aren’t aware of Almodóvar’s love for women.

Beautiful cinematography in this film, as expected, with bright and vivid colors- a very brilliant contrast to the dark undertones of incest, rape, and murder. It’s a well-written dark comedy made lighter by happy-dappy family love. But the Penelope Cruz-singing-part couldn’t possibly be any more lip-synched. Hello!


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