Nobody Knows (2004)

Nobody Knows (2004)

Nobody Knows (2004): 3.5/5

At its most principal level, Nobody Knows is a movie about four kids who try to survive in Japan after being abandoned by their mother. It tells of the kids’ struggle to live under conditions that started out from not-so-great to the kids turning into dirt-poor destitutes (haha how’s that for redundant). It’s an extremely predictable storyline with an inevitable demise for each of the characters- however, it is in that sole purpose that our participation as the audience ensues. How long you’re willing to sit through all 144 minutes of this depress-fest is what strkes me compelling as far as the movie-watching experience for ‘Nobody Knows’ goes. The film’s sad moments are carefully guided, so as to not show too much, while we still continue to be lured into their struggle- although the emphasizing closeup shots on feet makes us think the director has a sort of fetish, either for children or feet- nobody knows!


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