Wild baby, wild

Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild (2007)

Into the Wild (2007): 3.5/5

From the kaleidoscopic ‘Speed Racer’ seeing Emile ‘Emperors Club’ Hirsch in ‘Into the Wild’ was well, quite a surprise.

In ‘Into the Wild’, Hirsch plays a straight-A college grad-turned-hitchhiking jungle boy who seeks adventure in the Alaskan wilderness to define his existence only to discover that he’s gotten too far into the depths of his journey. Or something like that.

In the world of Hirsch’s character Chris McCandless , aka Alex Supertramp, society is evil (as the dialogue incessantly reiterates) and strange road people and hippies are saints. Penn delivers stunning visuals and Christ-like imagery, but at the end of the day this film seems to want to point out the necessity to undergo traumatic experiences (like eating poisonous berries) to realise who they are and what’s vital in life. Amazing


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