Playing your (french) horn right

Changement d'adresse (2006)

Changement d'adresse (2006)

Changement d’adresse (2006): 4/5

Changement d’adresse aka Change of Address is a weirdo slice of life story, mainly about David, a French horn instructor and Anne who runs a copy shop. He is an uptight, frustrated romantic, while she is free-spirited on the brink of insanity.

Laughable scenes go about the pair in the film’s first act with endless innuendos (“Can I see your french horn?”). While the audience (myself included) found hilarity in the oddnesss of the 2 offbeat characters, the second act seems to grudgingly drag with the new additional ones. As the fun fades away, so does David and Anne’s potential romance. Moods dampen and things get boring (for the film’s characters and the viewers). But a few boom mic appearances and changes of address later, friendship and romance is rekindled as we’re brought back to the original tandem. Fun times are back again as this film ends with an inevitable closing scene which evoked a lot of awe. No wait, I meant ‘awwwww’. Falls into the guilty pleasure pile, this one.


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