Even YOU could paint that

My Kid Could Paint That (2007): 4/5

look mommy - art!

look mommy - art!

My Kid Could Paint That is one of those ‘art’ films premiered at last year’s Sundance Film Fest. If I wanted to intend the pun, then yes, it is a film about art. A documentary to be precise. Marla Olmstead is a 4 year old whose paintings echo the works of Jackson Pollack and Picasso, and has garnered worldwide attention and became an instant phenomenon.

The subject matter of this documentary pretty much tackles something I know a lot of people would love to debate for hours on- art! While abstract expressionism may be considered by some to express the inner workings of our consciousness, others may see it as a scam. My Kid Could Paint That tackles drawing the line between ‘art’ and absurdity, inspiration and manipulation. It’s come down to an emperor’s new clothes practice as they tell us to forget aesthetics when there’s profound abstract-ness to appreciate. But at the end of this documentary, after much debacle, I think everyone agrees it’s all narrowed down to plain silliness and mere child’s play.

$300,000 worth of paintings this 4 year old has sold, I mean geeeezz even I could paint that.


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