In the mood for a clean Maggie Cheung

Clean (2004): 2/5

Do what mommy does

Do what mommy does

Oliver Assayas directs Maggie Cheung in this horribly disjointed story about drugs and coming, well, Clean. I saw this film on the French Film Festival in Shangri-La, and I think I can say that I’ve seen this film more than a thousand times already due to the endless cliches and exhausted storyline. Perhaps it’s the worn-out rock and roll junkie story we’re tired of hearing, or the sketchy characterization. Or Nick Nolte’s resounding Hulk performance. Or maybe just bad storytelling set to a global backdrop.

Yet somehow ‘Clean’ manages to transform from a seemingly meaningless film into something of substance. Maybe it’s because of the soundtrack. Or maybe because of Maggie Cheung. Yes, we’re definitely in the mood for Maggie Cheung.


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