Ok im serious- let’s make a movie!

Son of Rambow (2007): 5/5

too cool for school ye

too cool for school ye

I remember when my brother Nicco and cousin Jiggy and I used to play this game called Baby-ana Jones where Jiggy played Indy, Nicco played Marcus (i think)- and I was Short Round or whoever Indy girl there was. Oh the glory days of being half your age today, and I bet if we had a vidcam then to document our shenanigans I’m sure we would’ve made a movie to give ole Indy a run for his money.

Such was the case in this movie, Son of Rambow, a cutesy independent Brit Sundance Filmfest 2007 entry. Again, I find myself letting out another genuine ‘Awww’ in this heartwarming coming-of-age film only because I saw myself as a toned down Lee Carter, and also that these kids make amateur filmmaking and Rambo look cool. Albeit being half-assed in its quick animation sequences and that annoying French (transexual?) exchange student, ‘Rambow’ has fallen into my Recently Enjoyed Movies list and is a sweet reminder that reality and fantasy are truly arbitrary- but then again, who’s keeping score? Oh to be young(er) again! Watch this movie.


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