The world will never be without chickens

Pink Flamingos (1972): 3/5

nice dress

nice dress

This movie is trailer trash at its finest, and a quintessential “exercise in bad taste”. It was a case of curiosity killing the cat that led me to finally watching this movie that’s been sitting in my DVD stack for quite some time now. Much like the “filthiest people alive” depicted in Pink Flamingos, this twisted little film has also garnered undeniable attention and notoriety for being the filthiest film ever.

A cult cinema classic and the epitome of outrageous cinema, John Waters’ Pink Flamingos is a bundle of cheap thrills and surreal visual gags that never ceases to disappoint. It’s awfully hard to swallow, yet so easy to get hooked. It’s sickening and disturbing yet all the same wildly entertaining (I think a part of me has already been incredibly desensitized as the whole movie struck me dumb funny). See it with an open mind and a strong stomach. Pink Flamingos encompasses superlatives; but to be brief, it was simply Divine!


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