If the pants fit

Chicas de las Pantalones - que cursi

We're not wearing any pants today

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2008): 2/5

As I’ve told a bunch of my friends after seeing this movie -now that’s one expensive friendship to maintain. With my blog stats currently shaped like two lopsided breasts (wtf) I thought maybe this post should be one dedicated to celebrating womanhood – or more specifically, sisterhood (I can already hear you smirking).

A sequel to the 2005 chick flick, the The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 takes over where the first movie left off, but the 3 year gap between both movies turns the once-enjoyable feel-good original into a teenage soap opera laden with all sorts of (unnecessary) drama and lots of hot men. The Sisterhood bluntly defies the Rolling Stones – you (they) can always get what you (they) want.

This time around however, the advent of college is the cause of the Sisterhood’s drifting bond as issues start to escalate in another exciting summer. Bridget forges a lost relationship with her grandmother, and mends one with her stay-at-home father (and I mean ‘stay-at-home’ in a literal manner cos that’s all we ever see of him). Lena gets whisked off to NYU to sketch and date a nude model, while suddenly-slutty Tibby problematizes a pregnancy scare and an imaginary movie script. Carmen is the only one in the quartet with a story that echoes a hint of reality with her stint at a school play in Vermont as she plays the lead role opposite a cutesy Brit boy.

In all fairness, the movie turned out to be a decent rendition of the Sisterhood of the Shared Screentime allowing each ‘sister’ to have her own story told (yet never actually given closure). The failed attempts at the comedy breeze by before you can even say the word ‘pants’, and just when you thought they’ve matured from their experiences from the previous movie, they still go through palliative measures to remedy whatever situation they find themselves in- all at the expense of their parents’ hefty bank accounts with spontaneous trips all around the world (I don’t care what the books explain) and what have you.

Triteness and everything else corny aside, as long as the pants fit this is still quite a movie to watch if you’re looking for something to pass the time- and that can’t be a good thing, can it?


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