What is Aladygma

I’m now officially hooked on everything aladygma. I’ve been following the white spaces on the ‘official’ aladygma site since April this year and fast forward to this October, lotsa more ‘clues’ have been popping out like ‘shrooms. It’s addicting. hahaha.
While google’s been my constant companion and alibi, I know there’s still much to unfold in the next few months. Social aladygma (see the site) is still fresh and new with less than 100 members signed up– expect that figure to multiply tenfold by the end of the second quater next year.

JJ Abrams, if you’re really behind this- you’re detremental to my mental health. But we likesss it.
Here’s what I dug up- all posted on my Multiply site. 
What is Aladygma
More Aladygma
What I found in the White Spaces
Explain this to me
Explain THIS to me (not funny anymore)


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