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You warm the naan within my heart, Saawariya!

Sing to me, Saawariya!

saawariya posterSaawariya (2007) : 1.5/5

It presents itself as a fairly easy movie to love; but as treacherous as most films tend to be, Saawariya stabs you in the back with an excruciating 120+ minutes of blue hued cinematography on fanciful sets with overextended (and forgettable) song numbers (with the exclusion of the catchy title song, haha).

I wanted to like this movie. I wanted to like the characters but none of them proved to be worthy of forging an affinity with, as they all seemed either too naive, too stupid, too dreamy, or too achingly annoying. Come to think of it, Saawairya doesn’t live up to its supposed expectations. When the most intriguing thing about a film is its production design and gorgeous lead actors, you know you’re in trouble (I forgot where I read this).

In its entirety, Saawariya’s handicap is unclear but you’ll definitely see it wobbling hard as the film climaxes. It turned out to be a sad case of abandoned characters and a forgotten plot- all for the sake of an overly stylized fairy-tale like Indian utopia. And without even reading the IMDB trivia page, it’s evident that Hollywood has dipped its dirty fingers into what would’ve been a delicious Bollywood treat. It has now tarnished into a soiled amalgamation of both, which i now dub as Bhollywood. I know. Ang baho talaga.