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Again, I’m just sayin’..

how-she-movestreet-fighterDya reckon the same guys who made the newest movie poster for Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li had tips from the people who made the poster for How She Move (I feel very uneasy saying that out loud) ?

Again, just sayin’ …


Just sayin’

21-shootemupNo wonder I keep getting these two movies mixed up %)

Brown paper bag? Check. French bread? Check.

groceriesI love movie clichés. I wish life were as simple as one big movie cliché. On a totally random whim, I’d like to note a totally random movie cliché- and I’ll probably randomly drop a few more in the next subsequent posts. Hell, I’ll even make a new category for it.

First on the list is my favorite. I dunno why but the baguette-sticking-out-of-grocery-shopping-bag-cliché in movies crack me up.

Umm, that Star Wars movie

Thanks to the people over at Cinematical, my Friday morning’s just been made.

Here’s a fan made video re-telling the Star Wars trilogy by someone who’s only seen bits and pieces of it. Pretty accurate storytelling – coulda fooled me! – and it’s alotta funny stuff. Keep the faith!

Judd and Kevin make a movie

zack_and_miri_make_a_pornoZack and Miri Make a Porno ( 2008 )

I heard from a friend once that the sweetest thing a guy could ever do for his girlfriend is to think of her as he masturbates. With that in mind, Zack and Miri embodies just that idea, being ewww and awww at the same time.

An appropriate conclusion to my recent Kevin Smith marathon, his latest View Askew foray once again tells a crude yet endearing story about everyday people finding love in the most awkward and unusual of situations. Although Zack and Miri falls a few threads short of a supposed tapestry of emotions and themes, it’s Smith’s dialogue that left me in stitches with the right amount of heartfelt sap that equates to this unconventional romantic comedy perfect for a Wednesday evening. Oh and Jason Mewes aka Jay is in it, too yay drool gah

Wacking out

wacknessThe Wackness ( 2008 )

Top-billed among popular movie blog sites as The Movie Where Gandhi Sucks Face With That Olsen Twin, ‘The Wackness’ really IS that movie and a lot more. In the same vein as most coming-of-age movies, ‘The Wackness’ contains the usual ingredients of teenage angst tragicomedies set to a Manhattan ’90s summer backdrop.

There is definitely an autobiographical feel to this slightly maudlin drama, and it’s exactly the kind of storytelling that shows more love for the writer’s own material rather than reaching out to its audience. Josh Peck’s portrayal of the low-key teen Luke Shapiro is fun to watch (but delivers the oddest lines no human would ever say) and Ben Kingsley effortlessly steals every scene as Dr. Squires- a psychiatrist with more issues than all his patients combined. But with each ensuing scene, Peck’s character becomes less and less likeable- and so does the whole movie. Surreal elements stick out; and at the end of it all, it’s come down to the same material we’ve seen before- just lensed a different way. Shapiro’s eventual transformation isn’t rewarding, nor is it moving. In fact it stays true to the film’s nature. Uhmm, now that’s wack, yo.