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Love the Hard Way (2001)

love_the_hard_way This is a movie that’s been on my ‘must watch’ list for years and years and years (ever since it came out in 2001, I think). and I should’ve listened to my gut instinct to give it a couple of more years. After two consecutive nights of ending the day with bad movies, I can safely say that there are indeed lotsa things you have to learn the hard way. For instance, if you’re Adrien Brody, it’s picking the right roles and ditching the snakeskin jacket. For Claire, it’s learning to learn about life and love – the hard way. Geez that was corny. But with lines like “I don’t deserve your tears,” it isn’t so much of a drama anymore when that cheese turn into tackiness- and not even the good kind of tacky,. as in it’s not even fun 😦

Last na

Claire: You’ve been lying to me from the start haven’t you?
Jack: Look I just wanted to fuck you, that’s all it was.
Claire: When you said you loved me was that a lie too? Nothing was true. Just lies, just fucking lies.
Jack: Look I don’t love anyone Claire, and you’re hurt cause the love story that you made up for yourself fell apart, and it’s all in your mind.
Claire: I’m dead.
Jack: Don’t be so dramatic.


The Fall (2006)

the-fall-2preview Wake up. Laugh-laugh. Not the time to sleep. It’s an epic movie production that seems to reiterate “Budget? What budget?” as The Fall was shot in 15+ countries all on real locations (so claims the Indian director who calls himself Tarsem). This extremely expensive fantasy movie unfolds to a story pattern similar to that of The Princess Bride except in this case, the setting is in a California hospital in the ’20s and the narrator is an paralyzed movie stuntman who tells the story to a 5-year-old with broken english and a broken arm. Watch this movie with an open mind and open eyes please. Wake up. Laugh-laugh. Not the time to sleep. A lot of film critics may have labeled The Fall as staggeringly beautiful albeit lacking content- if you look too deep into the movie you might realise just that. But in this crazy cinematic world, no one seems to appreciate what’s on the surface anymore, and that’s the bulk of what really matters.

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

royaltenenbaums I guess it’s the same reason people are drawn to egotism; with a movie seemingly so absorbed in itself, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. But taking this movie apart, assessing and reassessing every technique used is now futile and irrelevant as it is far less important than seeing it whole. A Tenenbaum-esque frame of mind has come over me, with hints of Margot, a subtle Chas rage, and a whole lotta Richie to top it all off.

No, I don’t associate with the dysfunction- it’s just that movies like this make me feel glad that movies exist (haha, still Kael’s essay). In the darkness at the movies, nothing is asked of us and we are left alone, it’s the liberation from duty. And that’s one comforting thought I can live with. So let’s shag ass!

Watchmen (2009)

patrick-wilson I read this essay on film where the author talks about the fun of movies, particularly the trashy ones. She says that trash doesnt belong to the academic tradition and that’s part of the fun of trash- that you know (or should know) that you don’t have to take it seriously; that it was never meant to be any more than frivolous and trifling and entertaining.

A mindless, yet mind-blowing adventure, Watchmen achieved just that and a whole lot more. It bothered me alright .,and I was glad

Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

nick-and-norah In the same vein as the hipster-est movie of 2007
comes the equally quirky and quippy high school fantasy for indie rock aficionados- Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Armed with zero chemistry between the titular characters and sprouting zero charisma, ‘Nick & Norah’ had all the potential of idealized cuteness in a movie with its upbeat High Fidelity-esque appeal, but sadly fell flat on its face as a rendition of ‘Before Sunrise’ for today’s tween demographic. It celebrates awkardness quite awkwardly – which, if you think about it makes it sorta appropriate- and rejoices the fumbling first gestures of new romance through (sometimes) carefully sequenced songs. The journey is irrelevant as well as these teenagers’ complete disregard for the law, their conscience, and their parents; and as the movie reaches its penultimate event – a performance by the fictional band Where’s Fluffy – you’ll start to wonder how one can stay this drunk and silly for such a long time, vis-a-vis, how one can actually sit through this movie. Irrelevance irrelevance irrelevance!