Love the Hard Way (2001)

love_the_hard_way This is a movie that’s been on my ‘must watch’ list for years and years and years (ever since it came out in 2001, I think). and I should’ve listened to my gut instinct to give it a couple of more years. After two consecutive nights of ending the day with bad movies, I can safely say that there are indeed lotsa things you have to learn the hard way. For instance, if you’re Adrien Brody, it’s picking the right roles and ditching the snakeskin jacket. For Claire, it’s learning to learn about life and love – the hard way. Geez that was corny. But with lines like “I don’t deserve your tears,” it isn’t so much of a drama anymore when that cheese turn into tackiness- and not even the good kind of tacky,. as in it’s not even fun 😦

Last na

Claire: You’ve been lying to me from the start haven’t you?
Jack: Look I just wanted to fuck you, that’s all it was.
Claire: When you said you loved me was that a lie too? Nothing was true. Just lies, just fucking lies.
Jack: Look I don’t love anyone Claire, and you’re hurt cause the love story that you made up for yourself fell apart, and it’s all in your mind.
Claire: I’m dead.
Jack: Don’t be so dramatic.


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