Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist (2008)

nick-and-norah In the same vein as the hipster-est movie of 2007
comes the equally quirky and quippy high school fantasy for indie rock aficionados- Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Armed with zero chemistry between the titular characters and sprouting zero charisma, ‘Nick & Norah’ had all the potential of idealized cuteness in a movie with its upbeat High Fidelity-esque appeal, but sadly fell flat on its face as a rendition of ‘Before Sunrise’ for today’s tween demographic. It celebrates awkardness quite awkwardly – which, if you think about it makes it sorta appropriate- and rejoices the fumbling first gestures of new romance through (sometimes) carefully sequenced songs. The journey is irrelevant as well as these teenagers’ complete disregard for the law, their conscience, and their parents; and as the movie reaches its penultimate event – a performance by the fictional band Where’s Fluffy – you’ll start to wonder how one can stay this drunk and silly for such a long time, vis-a-vis, how one can actually sit through this movie. Irrelevance irrelevance irrelevance!


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