The Fall (2006)

the-fall-2preview Wake up. Laugh-laugh. Not the time to sleep. It’s an epic movie production that seems to reiterate “Budget? What budget?” as The Fall was shot in 15+ countries all on real locations (so claims the Indian director who calls himself Tarsem). This extremely expensive fantasy movie unfolds to a story pattern similar to that of The Princess Bride except in this case, the setting is in a California hospital in the ’20s and the narrator is an paralyzed movie stuntman who tells the story to a 5-year-old with broken english and a broken arm. Watch this movie with an open mind and open eyes please. Wake up. Laugh-laugh. Not the time to sleep. A lot of film critics may have labeled The Fall as staggeringly beautiful albeit lacking content- if you look too deep into the movie you might realise just that. But in this crazy cinematic world, no one seems to appreciate what’s on the surface anymore, and that’s the bulk of what really matters.


2 responses to “The Fall (2006)

  • Paragraph Film Reviews

    Holy crap, you like this one too! This is one of my favourite films of all time. Who cares if the story’s not amazing? It looks so damn good!!! You really need to check out / bookmark / rss my site. 😀

  • dansiella

    Yuh, I think the visuals told a pretty good story… and that kid was sucha good actress! Hehe
    And yup I added your site to my blogroll already. Thanks for checking out my site!

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