There aren’t much zombies in Zombieland. The illusions of the grandeur of a zombie-infested world have escaped the movie in its first hour as my interest in the movie started to wane, then pick up, then wane all over again; just like the intermittent appearance of the undead in this newest comedy. But fun is fun, and what’s irrational will remain irrational. Zombieland doesn’t fortify the magic of movies but gets it point across pretty clear: don’t act on impulse or else you might just shoot the next big important celebrity.


5 responses to “Zombieland

  • Paragraph Film Reviews

    Good to have you back! This is also the first review I’ve read that doesn’t mention the over-rated cameo!!!

  • Kai B. Parker

    Is it just me or did you just want so much more out of this flick? The way they hyped it, I thought we had another Shaun of the Dead on our hands. Love the blog and thanx for adding us to your blogroll! 🙂

    • Danielle Veluz

      I wanted so much more out of it but at the same time I didn’t want to expect anything more than what’s already there. I think I’ve reached some sort of level of movie contentment, if that makes any sense. And now I think i’ve said way too much. Thanks for commenting, though! hehe

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