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Thoughts on Rakenrol by Quark Henares

Is a ‘personal project’ the new name for these types of self-centered films? Cos if that’s true then I didn’t get the memo. I’ve always hated how filmmakers talk so much about movies they’ve always wanted to make (ie: personal projects), only for its audience to find out that they’re not the right audience for it while the movie turns out to be one big inside joke.

Rakenrol is intended for a niche market, but within that market lies another niche market (ie: friends of the musicians and the filmmaker himself) sorry just had to say it but that’s how I feel. Anyway I didn’t feel a real connection with any of its main characters for several reasons: for one, we aren’t told little things about whatshisface Jason Abalos like where he lives, how many brothers and sisters he has, who his parents are, etc. But I assume his love for rock music was supposed to be a good enough standalone identifier. Rakenrol doesn’t represent the rock and roll music scene in the Philippines and doesn’t even feel remotely close to an accurate description of how a guy like whashisface Jason Abalos’ character made it to several gigs from singing in his bedroom in just a matter of months. I can tell it’s only been months because no childbirth was made known at the end of the movie. Random random random i will publish this unfinished with half baked thoughts. Another thing. Take a look at that misleading poster, you woulda thought the story would be told by Glaiza de Castro but no. Oh the only thing I liked about this movie was Jacci Rocha. I mean I like the name, it’s a good name, Jacci Rocha. Rolls off the tongue nicely and it’s very catchy. Jacci Rocha. Another thing. I can’t believe they screened this movie in international film festivals, knowing now niche within a niche market it is. At least poverty porn movies are relate-able to everyone else around the world but this one? I dunno. The songs weren’t even catchy or memorable. Then again, it’s a “personal project” so I shall say no more 🙂