When things go bump in the night: Insidious

I thoroughly enjoyed Insidious (2011) for unknowingly paying tribute to both campy and non-campy horror movies: i.e., top of mind: the original Nightmare on Elm Street, Amityville Horror, Halloween, and the more recent horror flick Drag Me To Hell. James Wan’s Insidious stars Rose Byrne and Patrick Wilson as a young couple who’s just moved into their new house when strange things start happening. Rose Byrne’s character starts seeing hallucinations (or are they?) while things go bump in the night, all at the same time their son, Dalton, falls into a deep and long coma after falling off a ladder in their attic. The incident leaves him in a vegetative state for no apparent reason. As Paranormal Activity-like things start to happen to the family, they decides to move out of the new house, only to find out that whatever was haunting them has taken on new and unexpected dimensions. After the first 15 minutes, Insidious turns into a very tongue-in-cheek horror movie, but it manages to balance out its suspense scenes and jump-scare moments throughout the rest of the film.

As this movie came from the maker of the Saw series, I was glad to know that the same amount of bloodshed and gore wasn’t apparent in Insidious. It has its winning scenes (all the silly ones) and its not-so-winning scenes (where too much story exposition took place) but the craziness of it outweighed all the slow-paced parts but still it was all in great fun. Just remember when watching Insidious, if you think about it too much, you’ll miss the point of it.


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