The Agony of Adolescence

So this is the movie everyone keeps talking about. and by ‘everyone’, I am referring to the small number of people in my circle of friends who’ve endlessly raved about this sweet little Thai movie called A Little Thing Called Love or its alternate title ‘First Love.’ The alternate title seems more apt considering its simple and uncomplicated  plot.

Nam is an ordinary-looking (read: ugly) 14 year old girl who is secretly in love with an older schoolmate and school heartthrob, P’Shone. Girls swoon at the sight of him and no matter where he goes, what he wears, and  direction he looks, the camera angles and sunlight always seem to be in favor of his boyish looks and natural charm. He loves his family, he’s dedicated to his hobby (photography), and always carries with him a bright and cheerful disposition. (In other words, he is absolutely perfect and therefore this guy doesn’t exist). Anyway, Nam tries to do everything to get P’Shone’s attention, and this is where the story starts to gain footing. She undergoes a full ugly duckling transformation and soon enough she becomes the school hottie. It’s not such an unpredictable plot, in fact, First Love makes use of the usual romantic comedy formula. What makes this movie special is that it went into the joys and agonies of adolescence told from a young girl’s point of view. It’s a very enjoyable movie to watch, plus that Mario Mauer isn’t bad to look at either. Hee hee. Watch this movie!


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