On Kid Wisdom

I’m sick of seeing kid wisdom in romantic comedies. We already saw this in Love, Actually– and seeing it in that movie was enough. We saw it again in Definitely, Maybe. And again in 500 Days of Summer. We’ve seen it in almost every romantic comedy where adults are faced with love problems and it takes a bit of “kid wisdom” to smack them into their senses. But the thing with kid wisdom is that I don’t understand it. Is it supposed to be funny? Are we supposed to laugh seeing a 13-year-old preach about being in love and finding your soulmate and never giving up? It’s not cute and it will never be. It gets even more annoying when the adult protagonists realize that the kid wisdom makes sense and deliver the cliche line, “Kid, how old are you again?” (this has got to be one of my favorites).

There’s a lot of kid wisdom in Crazy, Stupid, Love; in fact, one of the main characters, Steve Carrell’s son Robbie, is the source of all that kid wisdom. It’s a real shame the final shot of this movie was of Robbie exuding the kind of “everything’s gonna be alright” look through his shaggy locks and annoying smirk. If it isn’t obvious by now, I really hate kid wisdom in movies, especially when it makes me forget about how excited I was about Josh Groban’s feature film debut. sad, sad


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