Retribution with a Pipe Wrench

I can imagine that Super (2010) was a tough movie to advertise as it was the perfect mix of comedy, tragedy, thriller, and drama, all rolled into a superhero plot splashed with an insane (and unpredictable) amount of gore. I was duped into thinking that Super was similar to Kick-Ass (2010), but it’s far from it. The similarities between the two movies ends with having ordinary people (read: losers) fight crime without special powers.

When Frank’s (Rainn Wilson) wife leaves him for the drug dealing Jacques (Kevin Bacon), he turns to religious inspiration in becoming a superhero. His mind is literally touched by the giant finger of God in a mildly grotesque scene that paves the way for the rest of this dark comedy. As a superhero, Frank’s weapon of choice is a pipe wrench. It’s a silly choice but it doesn’t look so silly once he starts bashing people’s faces with them till they start bleeding uncontrollably. It’s not a pretty sight. Actually, nothing in this movie is pretty to look at. Every subsequent crime fighting scene that goes on robs you of reasoning cos it’s so viciously funny in a very sadistic way (Shut up, crime!). Thankfully, there is justice for poor Frank in the end, albeit a tragic twist. This film isn’t for everyone but I’m glad it was for me.


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