Monthly Archives: December 2011

An Update

It has been too long since my last post here. I finally bought this book by Pauline Kael, a film critic who has reviewed hundreds of movies I’ve never seen but whose writing style I adore. She writes about movies in a way that I wish I could, but alas, the only thing I can really say about what she says about movies is “my thoughts exactly.”

This entry will serve as a placeholder for myself to note that I should rediscover and rekindle how excited I used to get about movies in general. Seeing movie posters, new movies trailers, knowing what movies are coming up and movies that have yet to be discovered. Kael writes “People go to the movies for the various ways they express the experiences of our lives, and as a means of avoiding and postponing the pressures we feel. This latter function of art – generally referred to disparagingly as escapism – may also be considered as refreshment, and in terms of modern big city life and small town boredom, it may be a major factor in keeping us sane.” ┬áKael wrote this in the 50s but this still holds true up til today. Now let me catch up with keeping my sanity.